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    Smart Automation


    Smart Automation is our term for the blend of technologies that we use to automate complex business processes, including AI and intelligent automation, bots and natural language interfaces and robotic process automation (RPA), ALONG WITH GOOD FUNDAMENTAL SOFTWARE ENGINEERING PRACTICES SUCH AS SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURE THAT LEVERAGES MICROSERVICES AND APIS.

    Smart Automation


    How to integrate Smart Automation into your business

    Host: Eoin Woods | CTO Endava

    View the recording and contact us to find out how our experts can help automate your business processes.

    Business challenge

    Automation has never been more important than in today’s business environment. The wave of digital transformation and evolution has created customer interactions that can happen at any time and in huge and unpredictable volumes. The rapid pace of market change means that agility is becoming an organisational survival skill, yet many organisations are suffering under a heavy load of legacy applications and associated manual processes.

    When these factors combine, automation is the obvious solution, but the common vendor-led approach, where tools chosen and implemented everywhere, whatever the problem, usually leads to predictable disappointment. Yet emerging technologies like machine learning, bots, natural language processing and RPA have a tremendous potential to meet the challenge of digital and agile organisations. They just need to be applied in the right places and integrated together carefully. That’s what we call smart automation.  


    We help you make a difference

    We don’t resell tools and we don’t believe in “silver bullets”, but we do believe that automation is going to be important for most enterprises. We start with business problems rather than technologies and we help you work out your priorities, your possibilities and what your realistic options are for automating those processes with the highest impact and return on investment.

    Our innovative nature and engineering-led culture means that we are constantly experimenting with new automation technology and working out how to integrate it together to create valuable, reliable and cost-effective solutions to our clients’ automation problems. This allows us to design the right solution for you, rather than being bound to a particular tool or approach.

    With the right automation approach and, if necessary, a custom solution, you can gain the efficiency, scalability, reliability and agility needed to respond to the challenges of your industry and market.


    Our Approach

    Being software engineers rather than product consultants, we don’t just implement third party automation tools, but we create a complete solution, often involving custom, task-oriented user interfaces, sophisticated integration and continuous delivery pipelines to allow reliable build and evolution of the solutions. We use a software development led approach, rather than just configuring tools, with the result that requirements analysis, architecture, testing, continuous delivery and application management are all integrated into our projects where needed to ensure successful sustainable delivery.

    We often use a blend of open source, commercial and custom technology in order to find the right mix of cost, flexibility, sophistication and long term sustainability needed for your particular environment. We also work with the major cloud providers in this field, using both their platforms and their SaaS services, when they are right for our clients and the problem at hand.

    This problem-oriented rather than technology-oriented approach has allowed us to create sophisticated, cost-effective automation solutions for many clients over the years, and this experience means that we can also do it for your business.


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